Asriel and Aslim’s Asian Wedding in Whitchurch

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Asriel and Aslim had a Muslim Ceremony in Whitchurch Rugby Club and I was privileged to be asked to document the day for them.

Asriel got ready at her mums house in Grangetown where I met them to start the day and the ceremony was held in Whitchurch Rugby Club. It was the first time I had covered a Muslim wedding ceremony. I was aware that it was similar to a Christian Wedding where vows were given and certificates are signed and I love new experiences and challenges, so I was very excited to capture the event. When I arrived the Imam was very accommodating to me and welcomed the documentation of the event. It was certainly similar to a Christian wedding, with the events switched around a little and the imam sitting between the couple during the ceremony. Some beautiful words were said and although Islamic, which I was unable to fully understand, it was poetic and felt very kind and forever. I really enjoyed the experience.

After the ceremony we went for a short walk and took some portraits of Asriel and Aslim where there was some lovely light gifted to us.

Asian wedding photographer Cardiff-1416    Asian wedding photographer Cardiff-1432   Asian wedding photographer Cardiff-1429


The party continued later on that day with amazing food provided during the evening and into the night with a local reggae soundsystem playing out. I was so tempted to stay and party!

Congratulations guys. Can I come to the next party please 🙂


I am only able to share a few of these images as the happy couple requested privacy for the photographs being available to the public.  I try to respect my clients requests at all times. If you do not want your images shared please just ask and I will ensure that your request is met.

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