Bury port beach wedding photography

Burry Port Wedding Photography

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Well it’s been a hard summer. I have had such good intentions yet, things seems to have slipped away from me. I meant to blog every wedding I did, get my website sorted, be super productive and ensure I kept on top of everything. Then the wedding season hit hard in April/ May for me! Weddings have been backed up and editing had been long and arduous with a slow PC and hot weather! However, I am feeling on top of my game at the moment especially when it comes to framing. I don’t seem to have to crop out irrelevant details and nailing exposures and moments. My website is getting back on track (it has had loads of errors over time as I mess about with it!) and the coding etc has been fixed, so I’m doing a blog!

I have been getting awards from internationally renowned wedding photography sites, and most of all my editing is getting somewhat back on track! I have nearly finished my May weddings and absolutely loved going back down memory lane to Bury Port where Nick and Sarah got married.

Burry Port wedding photography – Awesome beach, Lighthouses and an amazing church


Nick and Sarah got married in a Church in Bury Port.  A lovely church but they only allowed images form the back  (spoil sports) I got to go to Sarah’s family home first and capture the getting ready there with Sarah’s side of the family. So lovely. What a nice bunch. We went to the beach at Bury port and them onto the lighthouse to make a few portraits before heading to the local community centre to follow on with the party… Here are some images upto that point possibly a random order as I just grabbed a few quickly! I absolutely loved this wedding. Nostalgic for me but such a relaxed crowd and a beautiful part of the world. Watch out for part 2 to come soon….

If you know Nick and Sarah i’m sure they will let you know the password to the gallery – you can find the main gallery here

If you need a Llanelli  or Burry Port wedding photographer, I would love to be considered. Contact me via my contact form and I will get back to you with availability.





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