Seren and Robert’s wedding at Nant Garw Visitors Centre

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Seren and Robert’s wedding at Nant Garw forestry was set in such a beautiful location. I love it up there, regularly going for walks in the surrounding area, and was looking forward to the relaxed atmosphere that was sure to be in such a beautiful place. I met them both at the venue before the ceremony, already entertaining guests as they had booked me to cover specific hours.

Before the ceremony everyone went for a walk around one of the many walking paths that have been designed by the forestry which got peoples heart rates up for the amazing ceremony that was about to take place. ¬†It’s such a vibrant room in the Nant Garw visitors centre I could not help but deliver many colour images in this set. Seren and Rob had¬†cocktails on the lawn outside the centre and took a romantic stroll into the forest after the ceremony where we captured a few portraits. Seren’s Dad, a poet had written a poem for the big day which was an amazing piece of work and so personal. Music , dancing and laughter continued the celebrations at the wonderful Nant Garw visitors centre.

Garw Nant wedding photography-0059

Garw Nant wedding photography-0112

Garw Nant wedding photography-0120

If you would like me to cover your wedding at the Nant Garw visitors centre please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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