The Wedding of Andrew and Angharad – The Oxwich Bay Hotel, The Gower

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The weather was looking dodgy as I drove from Cardiff to Morriston, Swansea to capture Angharad her family and Bridesmaid getting ready for their wedding at Oxwich Bay Hotel later that day. It seemed to be holding off on the downpour that seemed imminent as I arrived.

Greeted by a warm coffee and an even warmer welcome I managed to get on really well with the family and friends and got some great documentary shots with a few creative shots with the shoes and starwars lego! (you’ll see!!).  I left for the Oxwich Bay hotel and arrived with only small signs of rain and Angharad was not far behind, arriving in a very nice Mercedes (forgive me I don’t know the Model!) with her dad who were both beaming a lot more than the sun!

All the family and friends were already seated when I arrived and the ceremony room was slightly difficult to shoot in due to the bright ceiling window flooding light onto the happy couple and the much lower tungsten lit ceiling above the guests. Fill light adjustments were needed to pull out the guests more into the pictures. They both look so happy tying the knot and having been together since collage it just seemed so natural for them both.

After the ceremony we took a drive to the common ground at the top of the Gower but unfortunately the rain up there was quite persistent and we only managed to get a couple of shots in the car. I did jump out to get a quick pic but it was too much for the Andy and Angharad and we just went back to the Hotel at Oxwich bay where the rain was no more! We had a quick shoot before the wedding breakfast in order to get the thank you card photograph and the celebrations began.

The Marquee at Oxwich bay has such a lovey light pouring in from the sea with the white background, it’s almost like working in a studio, the guests really stand out. Great place for a photographer compared to some other hotels that don’t have any natural light. (I wonder if they could get a licence for weddings in there too? It would be looking directly over the bay which would be cool! ;0) )

Hope you enjoy the pics, I got a bit creative after the first dance with flash which was good fun.  :0)




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